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Workplace Communications Podcast: Meltwater’s Belén Alemán and Enplug

Workplace Communications Podcast: Meltwater’s Belén Alemán and Enplug

In Episode 50 — “A fresh take on digital signage” — of Chuck Gose’s ICology podcasts, Gose interviews Belén Alemán of Meltwater, a global leader in media intelligence, on Meltwater’s use of Enplug digital signage software for internal workplace communications.

Listen to the entire ICology podcast now on Meltwater’s use of Enplug’s digital signage for workplace communications:

As Gose explained:

“We’ve got email. We’ve got intranets. We’ve got mobile apps, social networks. They all get a lot of attention when it comes to IC channels, but one that I don’t think gets enough attention is digital signage. These are those LED screens your company might have on the walls.”

And he went on to say:

“When it comes to digital signage, no one has to click through to see the content. It’s not buried in an inbox. The fact that it’s passive is one of its strengths, so if you’ve discounted digital signage as an internal communications channel in the past, today’s guest could change your mind.”

Then in the podcast Alemán explained the genesis of using digital signage at Meltwater for workplace communications starting three and a half years ago when she arrived at Meltwater’s San Francisco headquarters. There she discovered large LED screens collecting dust. Because it was such a large financial investment, she decided to figure out an effective use for these screens.

“I did a lot of research online for companies that could help us with this and finally we landed on our current vendor, Enplug, who are great. They’re very easy to use and they have two essential parts to it. There’s a small piece of hardware that connects to the screens and then there’s an online dashboard.

“When I started talking to them, we decided to run a pilot in San Francisco since we had these six large screens. It was great. It was super easy to install. Like I said, I barely had to bother our IT guy, which definitely made his day. Once we were happy with the results here, that’s when we started launching to other offices globally. That was also very cost effective, which was something that I was conscious of, my budget, since I was a one-person team, essentially.”

In discussing Meltwater employee reactions to using digital signage for workplace communications, Alemán said:

“The feedback that we get from employees is that they do feel more connected to each other because it’s not just about seeing company content, they’re also contributing their own content, a lot of it that’s fun. It helps them feel like they’re part of this big Meltwater family that, although we’re all so very spread out, we’re connected in some way and they feel like they’re in the loop.”

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To learn more about how Meltwater uses Enplug for workplace communications, go to https://www.enplug.com/icology/


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