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Upcycling – Are You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down?

Upcycling – Are You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down?

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials into products of better quality or for better environmental value. By upcycling materials you save money, reduce waste, and have the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing.

Try this:

1. Reuse toilet paper rolls to organize cables and cords

2. Stamp old credit cards into guitar picks

3. Repurpose old CD holders into bagel storage device

4. Fill a box with skewers and it becomes an all-purpose knife block

5. Turn old picture frames into serving trays

6. Reuse Ketchup bottles as a pancake squirter

7. Use paperclips to organize your cables

8. Bend old wrenches into wall hooks

9. Use your old computer tower as a mail box

10. Use marbles to plug holes in fences

11. Reuse old kleenex boxes as bag dispensers

12. Turn an old door frame into a coffee table

13. Turn old bulletin boards into a jewellery organizer

14. Use Post-It notes as a collector when drilling

15. Use old Lego pieces as a key holder

16. Turn old suitcases into side tables

17. Upcycle old mugs, bottles and bowls into light fixtures

18. Use lifesavers as candle holders on cakes

19. Use a paper clip as a key chain and money clip

20. Use a pipe with valves as a coat rack

21. Use old books as shelves

22. Reuse old cassette tape cases as gift card boxes

23. Use old CD cases to store and organize cables

24. Turn an old mini fridge into a TV stand and storage unit

25. Turn old utensils into wall hooks

26. Turn an old door into a frame for a standing mirror

27. Use frisbees to reinforce disposable plates

28. Use cupcake wrappers to prevent popsicles from dripping

29. Use an old hanging shoe rack to organize your pantry

30. Use old books to create a desk

31. Turn a six pack Into a condiment carrier

32. Transform a chair into a towel rack and shelf

33. Use a cupcake tray as a jewellery organizer

34. Use Mason jars to carry your salad, coffee, etc.

The possibilities are endless!


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