Tips for Managing Your Digital Directory Content

Cassie Paton
March 6, 2015

You’ve chosen your software and displays, installed them and designed a beautiful digital directory. Now what?

Now you’re all set! From here on out, it’s all about managing your directory—updating it as needed and rotating in other content. We’ve got a few tips below for updating your digital directory content and making the most of all your software and displays have to offer.

Use multiple displays for greater impact & flexibility

Think of all the places in your building with high volumes of traffic—the entrances, lobby, elevators, different floors and more. Each of these locations is a new opportunity to get in front of your customers. Multiple displays will not only be much more helpful and look great, but they’ll give you the freedom to display different content for different parts of your building.

Rotate in other engaging content

By using multiple displays, you’ll be freed up to enable social apps, live weather updates or even advertisements to make the technology that much more engaging and informative. Your digital directory locations will become information hubs for your guests and can even be a source of revenue for your business, by selling ad space or being compensated for referrals to nearby businesses.

Keep it fresh & update regularly

You have the power to truly engage your customers with your digital signage, so take advantage of it! By consistently updating your display with other relevant content like news, weather and graphics, your digital directory will never be overlooked or outdated.

Why Enplug for your digital directory?

To toot our own horns, Enplug is the most engaging, flexible and social digital signage software available. Not only can you create custom digital directories in landscape or portrait orientation that can be updated instantly and easily, but you can also control it all from your computer or mobile device. Uploading content to your display is as easy as logging in to Facebook and uploading a photo, and you can easily control how much time each bit on content appears on the screen.

social content for your digital display

Enplug is also the only truly instant, interactive software on the market. Designate a hashtag for your business, and automatically filtered posts from customers talking about your brand will instantly appear on-screen. (You can also choose to manually approve posts that appear. You can read more about what separates Enplug apart from other digital signage solutions here.) And whether you have a couple displays or 100, you can control them all on the same network, catering your content to each screen as needed.

Still have questions about your digital directory options? Get in touch with an Enplug representative for more information!

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