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Digital Menu How-to: Tips for Finding the Best Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu How-to: Tips for Finding the Best Digital Menu Board

Brick-and-mortar businesses are expected to “wow” customers like never before in the digital era. To do so, many business are upgrading to digital menus and digitizing the point of purchase experience. Digital menu boards are also easier to update and manage, saving costs.

Enplug manages digital displays in hundreds of businesses across every major industry worldwide. We help businesses upgrade their menus, walking owners through purchasing, installing, designing, and maintaining digital menus.

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We find that businesses struggle with not only the menu switching process, but also with maximizing the effectiveness of their new menu board. Our how-to guide helps simplify the digital menu buying process for businesses. There are 5 chapters total covering the entire process of upgrading your menus from beginning to end:

Chapter 1: Choosing a Screen – What TV specs work best for digital menus

Chapter 2: Choosing a Software – What options & features are available

Chapter 3: Menu Design – Tips for creating the most aesthetically pleasing menu

Chapter 4: Installation – Steps and options for mounting your TV

Chapter 5: Post-Installation – Digital menu management

The Basics

What is a digital menu board?

A digital menu board is a menu that’s displayed electronically through a television or monitor. There are many components of a successful digital menu, from choosing the best hardware and installing it to picking the right software and design.

What is digital menu software?

Digital menu software is the program that runs on your computer which allows you to control and edit your screen.

Why would my business want one?

  • Ease of use – Change your menu text, images, and design with the click of a button.
  • Up-to-date content – Outdated menu items can be updated quickly and easily, cutting down ordering times, waiting lines, and the need for staff to explain menu content.
  • Marketing and advertising flexibility – Easily run and test new promotions for specials, as well as amplify current marketing campaigns.
  • Clean and attractive visuals – Digital menus look better. Menus displayed on high-definition monitors produce clean, eye-catching visuals that aren’t possible on a traditional menu board.
  • Cost – Never deal with reprinting costly traditional signs again.

Our digital menu how-to guide is the perfect resource for understanding how to get a digital menu board in your restaurant. Select a chapter below to continue reading, or request a demo of Enplug’s digital menu solution to get up and running with a menu in no time.

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digital menu how-to tips for finding the best digital menu board Digital menu how-to: tips for finding the best digital menu display
digital menu how-to: tips for finding the best digital menu software digital menu how-to: designing a digital menu board

digital menu how-to: installing a digital menu displaydigital menu how-to: updating and managing your digital menu content


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