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Twitter Follower Value – Insightful Statistics

Twitter Follower Value – Insightful Statistics


What is the value of a Twitter follower? Obviously from my previous blog post Social Currency via Social Media, companies already understand the great value that followers bring, investing resources to gain more followers and spark social interaction.

Visual.ly is a platform to explore visual data. @TwitterSmallBiz created a beautiful interactive, with some interesting statistics:

  • 74% of people who follow small & medium sized businesses (SMBs) follow to get updates on future products*
  • 47% of people who follow brands are more likely to visit the company’s website*
  • 70% of SMB customers retweet because they like SMB’s content*
  • 30% lift in recommendations of an SMB after following or interacting with them on Twitter*
  • 86% of users are MORE likely to visit a business after it has been recommended by a friend*
  • 72% of followers are more likely to make a future purchase*
  • 86% of Twitter users feel more connected to an SMB after they begin following them*
  • 84% of people who follow/interact with SMBs mention an SMB to share a positive experience*

Experience this beautiful Visual.ly @TwitterSmallBiz for yourself here: https://visual.ly/twitter-follower
*Source: https://visual.ly/twitter-follower

What do these statistics tell you about ways you can change up your marketing strategy? 

Please let us know in the comments & email me at jessie@enplug.com with any questions.

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