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For Thanksgiving Show Gratitude to Your Employees With Digital Signage

For Thanksgiving Show Gratitude to Your Employees With Digital Signage

Good employers are grateful for their loyal, hard-working employees all year round. Birthday cakes, holiday parties, gift certificates, and bonuses may all be part of the gratitude outreach.

Yet what about highlighting individual (and group) achievements with the visually exciting internal communications medium of digital signage for the national holiday of Thanksgiving?

Say thank you with digital signage

Digital signage software running on the Enplug system offers a wide variety of apps to showcase your gratitude.

Here are some ideas of gratitude Thanksgiving digital signage content:

  • Feature a Thanksgiving recipe from each of your employees. If it is an ethnic dish, include a sentence or two of its origin or meaning.
  • Showcase members of the winning sales team with thanks for their outstanding accomplishments.
  • Display thank you notes and photos from a children’s organization your company has helped in the past year.
  • Highlight employee suggestions that have saved money or time.
  • Share new employee ideas that will be implemented in the future.

Commit to sharing gratitude

The great thing about showing gratitude is that this need not be a one-time-a-year event. While Thanksgiving is a good time to start, demonstrating appreciation for individual and group actions should go on throughout the entire work year.

Start with these Thanksgiving ideas and then build on them. You can even have company-wide contests (with prizes awarded) for digital signage gratitude creations.

The sky’s the limit!

Thanksgiving digital signage for your company

To get you started with your gratitude Thanksgiving digital signage, we’ve created 10 digital signage assets featuring Thanksgiving pictures that you can download and use right now.


The theme of this year’s Thanksgiving digital signage is historical.  We’re sharing scenes from Thanksgivings past including a painting of the first Thanksgiving, a portrait of the woman who campaigned for 17 years to have Thanksgiving declared a national holiday (President Lincoln did this in 1863), and U.S. servicemen eating a Thanksgiving dinner after the end of World War I in 1918.

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