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How a San Francisco Bar Went Viral Using Enplug Live Social Media Walls

How a San Francisco Bar Went Viral Using Enplug Live Social Media Walls

Every weekend, the digital signage at Taps Social House & Kitchen in San Francisco is blown up with customers posting about food, drinks, sports, and friends on social media.

Through the weekend of the World Cup Final, #TapsSF compiled 50 tweets from 25 people generating 18,000+ impressions.


Conversations in Tweets and Instagram Photos

Not only were customers posting about #TapsSF and the World Cup, they were also engaging with each other directly through the live social media wall. There were customers making drink bets, fans showing their pride, patrons wondering where their IPA’s were, and friends taking group pictures of their #SundayFunday.


18,000+ Customers Reached on Social Media

Taps was able to not only satisfy and entertain customers inside their venue, but also reached more than 18,000 people, creating a truly viral weekend for the bar (check out some of the Instagram posts from the World Cup Final at Taps below).

We’re looking forward to the conversation at Taps during football season (American) this fall. If you’re in the Nob Hill area, drop by Taps Social House & Kitchen for a fun time!

Instagram Posts from #TapsSF

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https://instagram.com/p/qaJAFiuPp9/?modal=true https://instagram.com/p/qZ6FVdRlR6/?modal=true https://instagram.com/p/qaMbIURzml/?modal=true


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