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New on Enplug: Use Live Content Preview to See What’s Playing

One of our most common customer requests is the ability to preview the content playing on any display from within the Enplug Dashboard. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Live Content Preview for all our customers!

Enplug’s users are remotely managing hundreds or thousands of displays and enabling many different types of content with our digital signage software. The new Live Content Preview feature will allow them to make sure their content looks perfect on their displays.

Note that the Live Content Preview doesn’t show exactly what content is playing on a screen at a certain time – but it shows the same content that’s playing on that display. In addition, if you are using some of Enplug’s older apps (Instagram Wall, Social Wall, News 1.0, and Directory 1.0), they will not display in this preview. They will still play on your displays.

All Enplug users will now see a button called Preview Content in their Display Group Settings in the Enplug Dashboard. Clicking this button brings up a full-screen preview of all the content that is playing on the display.

Enplug Dashboard display preview button

While on the surface it may seem like a simple feature to add, Live Content Preview is the culmination of more than a year’s work in overhauling our platform. This work will continue to benefit our users with many more updates coming soon – so stay tuned!

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