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Social Media: Instagram Video & Twitter Photo Now Available for Enplug

Social Media: Instagram Video & Twitter Photo Now Available for Enplug

The best live social media wall just got even better.

We take pride in our most popular app – the live social media wall. From instantly showing customer posts, to the huge selection of platforms we support, to our automatic filtering settings, there’s a whole lot to love.

In order to provide the best experience for our network of over 7 million users, we needed to ensure our software supported all types of social media posts. We are excited to announce that Instagram videos and Twitter photos are now available for your Enplug live social media wall.

Instagram Video

Sometimes your customers’ moments can’t be captured with a static image, and instead need a 15-second video. Just like with Instagram photos, all customers need to do is include your business’ username or hashtag in their post’s caption to instantly see their video appear on your display.

Instagram wall video

Instagram video is also a great promotional tool. Whether you want to show behind the scenes shots of the chef cooking, your hair stylists cutting, or the latest model car’s interior. It’s all possible with Instagram video for Enplug.
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Twitter Photo

With only 140 characters to share thoughts, there just isn’t much room for expression. That’s why every great tweet is supported by a great photo. With Twitter photos on Enplug, you’ll be able to capture the entirety of your customers’ posts on your display.
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twitter photo wall for enplug

Tweets with images will instantly appear on your screen. You can view and manage your tweets in your account dashboard.

The best part about these two new features? Your display can now support images for all major social media platforms, and video for Instagram, ensuring you won’t leave any of your sharing customers hangin’! Both Instagram Video and Twitter Photo can be turned on/off under the ‘Settings’ tab in your account dashboard.

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Enplug digital signage software was co-founded by CEO Nanxi Liu and CTO Tina Denuit-Wojcik in 2012 to enable organizations to use customized real-time streaming content to create engaging external and internal communications.

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