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Free Startup Vitamins Posters Now Available in the App Market

Free Startup Vitamins Posters Now Available in the App Market

Enplug is teaming up with Startup Vitamins to bring motivational posters to your office displays, and you can get all 20 exclusive designs—worth $720—for free from the Enplug App Market.

Startup Vitamins is an online store that creates beautiful motivational designs for print posters, mugs, t-shirts and more, and their products feature thought-provoking designs and quotes from great minds like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. You can find their designs in offices of all sizes around the world, including Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Enplug. Starting today, you can display Startup Vitamins posters on your Enplug-powered digital displays.

Startup Vitamins’ motivational gear is the perfect complement to any office design, inspiring teams big and small to work toward common goals together. The posters are an easy, beautiful way to show what your company culture is all about, and with 20 posters (and counting) to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect designs for your space.

Startup Vitamins

To display the posters on your screen, login to your web dashboard and enable the Startup Vitamins app. From there, you can easily select and add digital posters from the collection to be shown on your display instantly. (View the Startup Vitamins app in the Enplug App Market).

To get started with Enplug, request more info here. Read about how you can create your own third-party app by checking out our open SDK.


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