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Fast Casual Franchise Marketing: Six Ways to Use Digital Signage

Fast Casual Franchise Marketing: Six Ways to Use Digital Signage

You already spend marketing dollars on social media, advertising, and promotions designed to generate new business for your fast casual franchise. Why not really drive home your messaging by continuing the campaign after your customers have walked in the door?

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Your digital marketing strategy can have a physical presence in your franchise, and we’ve got some compelling reasons why it should. With digital signage for fast casual restaurants, you can increase awareness, drive sales, and leave a lasting impression that’s sure to attract repeat customers.

Here are six ways fast casual franchise restaurants use digital signage:

  1. Create automated, on-premise social media marketing

Get your social media in front of the people who matter most—your customers. Encourage your customers to post on your social media channels and give them an immediate reward by seeing their posts appear live on a social media screen in your business. Customers will also see other customers’ social media posts on the display, building a sense of community and naturally encouraging more posting to your social channels.

Contests and other fun engagement strategies can further amplify your social brand. For example, you can give away free toppings or meals for people who post the most, or for the best picture of the month. Using your social media screens to drive posting through contests is one of the most effective drivers of word-of-mouth marketing.

Enplug digital signage at Pollo Inka fast casual franchise with social media #polloinkaexpress

Hector Cabral, Executive Director at Inka Franchise Corp, describes how he connected his franchise locations using on-premise live social media walls:

“Both customers and staff love seeing their posts on the screen along with posts from other locations, helping to link our brand across our nationwide locations.”

La Taqueria in San Francisco’s Mission District saw a more than 3000% increase (not a typo!) in the total number of customers posting about their business after installing Enplug. By increasing awareness of your fast casual franchise’s social media presence in-house, the next time you’re running a promotion (or your desired customers are deciding on where to eat), they’ll be more likely to see your updates and tempted to come back.

  1. Create and display digital menus

One of the most impactful ways to improve your franchise with digital signage is by using it to display your business’ menu. Unlike traditional paper signage, digital menus are easy and inexpensive to update across many locations. Use Enplug’s Digital Menus App and choose from a variety of pre-made menu templates to personalize your menu, or create a custom menu from scratch. With drag-and-drop design and thousands of built-in images, it’s never been simpler to design a beautiful menu.

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  1. Deliver customer-facing branding and advertising

Digital signage also gives you the chance to reinforce your branding and messaging. What is your fast casual franchise all about? What’s the experience you’re trying to provide? How do you want your customers to feel when they’re in your restaurant, and when they’ve left?

Your digital signage content should tie in with your other marketing materials, whether online, in print, or otherwise. You can repurpose existing creative or come up with custom graphics and videos just for your display to make a strong impression and increase your business’ odds of being remembered favorably. You can also share your promotions to your social media accounts and then display them in your venues alongside your customers’ organic posts.

  1. Provide customer-facing entertainment

Part of the way you can create a positive experience for your customers is by providing them with entertainment and value. Whether you get a line out the door at lunch time or simply want to give customers something to look at while they enjoy their food, there are a number of ways to keep patrons engaged.

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Your social media feed, a news feed, sports updates, videos, or graphics are all examples of content you can display on rotation or by themselves when you use Enplug. When you display a social wall, for example, your customers will start posting pictures of their meal online just to see it pop up instantly on the screen—just one of many ways guests can stay entertained while you simultaneously grow your business.

  1. Strengthen communications with your staff

Digital signage can also be used to keep your staff connected and engaged. Particularly helpful for businesses with a network of franchises, Enplug allows you to display information across a whole network of displays that’s relevant for your employees. You can use it to communicate updates about the business, new menu items, or policy reminders. Or, recognize employees by sharing birthday shout-outs and Employee of the Month awards. Encourage your team to post to social media about what they love about working in your restaurant! It can drum up some good PR, not to mention create a happier workplace.fast casual franchise

  1. Enhance your customers’ restaurant experience

Studies show that your venue itself and the experience you provide matter more to customers than the food you serve. Pretty crazy, right? That’s why we’ve been harping on the importance of providing value, entertainment, and consistent branding, and Enplug helps you do just that to help you enhance your customers’ experience. You only have one chance to make a good first impression on new customers, so make it a great one!

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Looking for more inspiration on how to use Enplug in your fast casual franchise? Here’s how four restaurants used Enplug to boost their business and improve the customer experience, as well as some of the top trends in restaurant digital signage today.


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