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New Enplug Digital Signage Tools Help Organizations Return to Work Safely

Now more than ever, timely and effective communications are business-critical for all organizations. Returning to work will bring high rewards, but only if businesses reduce the risks associated with reopening. That’s why we’re excited to unveil new digital signage tools and visual assets to help organizations safely return to work as COVID-related restrictions begin to ease.

How Enplug digital signage makes it easy for businesses to reopen safely

Reopening businesses, educational institutions and other facilities depends on the ability to effectively publish important safety reminders to keep every student, employee, customer or visitor safe and healthy. Enplug’s cloud-based digital signage software platform makes it easy for business leaders to seamlessly communicate important operational updates, social distancing guidelines and compliance information in real time.

Enplug digital signage tools for reopening businesses

When reopening for business, it’s essential to use a digital signage solution that’s capable of quickly making updates and delivering the most relevant information. Here are some of the key Enplug tools and features that enable essential, timely communication:

  • Enplug ScreenSavers maintain seamless communication as employees alternate between working from home and in the office.
  • Priority Play immediately overrides scheduled content with important health and safety updates – a key element of improving compliance and mitigating risk.
  • Enplug Pulse helps reduce exposure and risk by ensuring IT staff can take the pulse of the digital signage network remotely, at any time.
  • Enplug Targeting makes it possible to schedule and automatically update content to display for specific audiences in multiple locations, and at different times of day; this capability is particularly relevant to organizations managing variations in health guidelines across different geographic regions.
  • Enplug COVID-19 Templates and COVID-19 Safety App help remind employees and visitors of the precautions they need to take to stay healthy and safe.

How Enplug can help your business reopen

Any organization that is reopening to employees, customers, students or visitors can use Enplug to deliver important information. Banks, universities, technology companies, manufacturers and more are all currently using these tools for a variety of uses that include:

  • Improving compliance with locally mandated health and safety regulations.
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for greeters and reception desk personnel
  • Reassuring visitors that precautions are being taken to ensure their health and that their safety is not at risk
  • Sharing important updates about changes to scheduling and room occupancy to eliminate confusion and reduce unnecessary foot traffic

Economic recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown will hinge largely on how effectively and safely organizations re-open their doors. Taking full advantage of digital signage will help them educate, inform and reassure people as they resume their daily routines, paving the way to a successful return to normal operations.

About Enplug Digital Signage Software

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