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Enplug Interviews: Uri Levine on Waze’s Company DNA

Enplug Interviews: Uri Levine on Waze’s Company DNA


I met Uri Levine in Las Vegas, the city that can turn you from rags to riches overnight. Or make you bankrupt. Kind of like starting your own company.

Levine served as Founder and President of Waze from 2007 until the company’s sale to Google in 2013 for $1.1 billion. He’s what you’d expect: smart, straight-forward, and slightly intimidating. When you ask for his advice, he gives you a clear answer, no fluff. His candidness is refreshing. So when I asked him to share how he set the culture of his new company, FeeX, he graciously answered my questions.

And then, he went above and beyond: Levine attached the meeting agenda where he and his co-founders determined their culture. Below, you’ll find the highly specific tenets of FeeX’s company DNA:

FeeX – Meeting Summary

Date: 22.8.12

Meeting Objectives:

  • Set up company culture.


  • Eyal.
  • David.
  • Uri.
  • Yoav.

Company D.N.A

This list leads the way we communicate and function as people, founders and company. This list is always open for modification upon founders discussion.

  • Users are THE asset of the company.
  • Dealing with difficult things when they happen.
  • Openness to everything.
  • Total mutual trust.
  • Founders are one entity, one frontier.
  • No asshole rule.
  • We do not compromise on employee recruiting.
  • There is no bad idea.
  • Move fast.
  • Think scale.
  • Every meeting has a purpose, and ends with clear cut decisions (תכלית\תחליט):
    1. Clear objectives.
    2. Time frame.
    3. Stating with what do we expect to get from the meeting.
    4. Summary of the meeting.
  • We measure everything.
  • We create knowledge and use A/B testing.
  • Entrepreneurship as a policy. In order to succeed we must try.
  • Constant (‘live’) update between founders.
  • Nothing is secret.
  • We are generous.
  • Constant test upon: “Doing well and doing good for many people”
  • Emails:
    1. Not a tool for discussions.
    2. If the email is for executing a task, only one person in ‘to’.

In addition to Uri Levine, we also interviewed the founders of Vizio, Rotten Tomatoes, USA Networks, and many more. To see more tips on building culture, download our free eBook, Company Culture Cookbook: 33 Recipes for a Happy Team.

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