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New Feature: Add QR Codes to News Items for Greater Engagement

New Feature: Add QR Codes to News Items for Greater Engagement

If you use Enplug’s News App, you know that the stories can be captivating. Want to read more than fits on the display? Just enable QR codes, and every news item will automatically include a QR code that can be scanned to direct readers to the full article text.

This feature is valuable for users showing RSS news content from major news outlets, or for those showing RSS content from their own company blog or internal communications platform. In either case, it allows your audience to scan the code and read more or take action from their mobile devices.

In the Enplug Dashboard, navigate to the News App and click “QR Code” under the section called “Show Full Story Link.” That’s it! QR codes will now begin showing on your displays.

Enplug News App QR CodeNote that your audience will need to have an app that includes a QR Code Scanner on their mobile devices. These are common; Google Chrome for iOS includes a built-in QR Code scanner.

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