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Boost Employee Engagement With Break Room Digital Signage

Employee break room communications are fertile ground for sharing engaging information and entertainment via Enplug’s digital signage on TV screens.

To encourage organizations to enliven their break rooms, here are some ideas for engaging digital signage for employee break room communications:

1) Feature social media updates

Use the Enplug Social Media Wall App and the Instagram App for employees to post via internal social media hashtags as well as the company’s external marketing hashtags where appropriate. The benefits are twofold: the organization gets exposure on external social media and the employee gets immediate internal recognition on the break room TV screens.

2) Reinforce important safety and internal messages

Organizations frequently have internal announcements to broadcast to employees. Yet there is so much clutter on email and internal messaging systems that important announcements often remain unread.

These messages can be reinforced by using the Enplug Graphics and Video App to create engaging visual content displayed in employee break rooms, organizations have a better channel for catching their employees’ attention. (It’s hard not to notice a dancing bear announcing working hours for the July 4th holiday.)

enterprise internal communications

3) Share world news

Today there is so much news that it is impossible for most individuals to keep up with what is happening around the globe. Yet by utilizing the Enplug News App to bring in headlines from major news media you can help employees stay on top of important world events.

By choosing which news media feeds to stream via your digital signage you can include news from your particular industry.

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4) Include entertainment as part of employee break room communications

You want your employees to work hard when they are on the job, and it is only fair that during break times these employees should be able to relax. Provide engaging opportunities to do so with such diversions as entertaining videos via the Enplug Graphics & Video App.

Consider sponsoring employee contests to create videos to display via this app. Offer prizes for the best videos and extend the contest idea to sponsoring employee idea contests. Reward the best cost-saving or work innovation ideas and share these on your break room TV screens.

Palmdale school district fundraiser

Bonus: By managing content rotation via the Enplug web-based dashboard, you can put an end to break room fights over who controls the TV screens. No more fighting over whether it’s a sports channel or a cooking channel displaying uninterrupted in the break rooms.

For a free demo of how Enplug can work for employee break room communications for your organization, go to www.enplug.com/request-info

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