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Display KPI Dashboards in Your Office With Enplug’s Geckoboard App

Display KPI Dashboards in Your Office With Enplug’s Geckoboard App

There’s nothing quite like metrics to motivate your team and get them working toward clearly defined goals. With Enplug’s new Geckoboard app, you can make the most of your metrics by displaying custom KPI dashboards on TV screens in your office.

Enplug’s Geckoboard app enables you to feature real-time metrics as part of your business’ internal communications strategy. Use Geckoboard to create dedicated sales, marketing, support, or operations KPI dashboards using provided templates, or build custom dashboards from scratch.

sample-marketing-dashboardExample of a marketing KPI dashboard (photo via Geckoboard)

Build your dashboard with widgets using custom data, or pull data from popular third-party services such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Zendesk, and even Instagram using Geckoboard’s Native Integration feature. You may also choose a “Light” or “Dark” color theme for your dashboard, change the width, and easily customize the layout by dragging and dropping widgets.

geckoboard-integrationsAccess data from third-party sales and marketing services using Native Integrations

Using Geckoboard with Enplug can help with your business’ internal communications efforts as well as the bottom line, making it a highly dynamic and valuable app. Stay tuned for more dashboard apps in the future!

To enable the Geckoboard app, visit the Enplug App Market.

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