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Now Available in the Enplug App Market: Google Trends

Now Available in the Enplug App Market: Google Trends

The Enplug team is thrilled to announce the release of the Google Trends app, now available for use on any Enplug-powered display.

This fun and engaging app allows you to display a live feed of Google Trends, which tracks the latest popular searches on Google. The Google Trends app is a fantastic means for an office space to keep its employees or patrons updated on the hot topics of the moment. New topics automatically show up as they gain popularity.

display Google TrendsDisplay the latest trending topics with the Google Trends app for Enplug

The Google Trends app is ideal for businesses with a focus on current events and popular culture, or lobbies and other communal spaces. Think an online newspaper displaying the app in its office to provide editors with the latest trending topics, or a hotel lobby displaying it next to the event schedule and directory.

Put simply, the Google Trends app allows you to show your audience what people around the world are talking about.

You may customize how many trending topics are shown and the number of rows and columns used to display them, and even choose to display worldwide trending topics or specify a region (e.g. United States). You can also see a live preview of your layout and trending topics instantly within your Enplug Dashboard.

To enable the Google Trends app on your Enplug display, visit the Enplug App Market.

To learn more about using Enplug in your business, request a demo.


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