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Quiz: How Effective Is Digital Signage in Your Corporate Communications?

Whether you have been employing digital signage for internal communications for some time or you are undertaking a pilot of this technology, it is important to measure the effectiveness of this communication delivery system for your company.

Based on our industry insights, we have created some sample survey questions for measure this effectiveness.  At the end of the questions you will find the entire survey we created.

1) Is the information displayed on the screen engaging and easy to comprehend?

Digital signage at its best allows companies to use visually exciting graphics with which to communicate. Yet sometimes graphics can be so visually exciting that the information is not easily understood.

By asking this question on your survey, you can evaluate where your digital signage falls on a continuum between exciting and easily understood to boring and not easily understood. (Note that the third option of OTHER for this survey allows for comments.)

Effectiveness internal communications

2) When do you find yourself engaging with the display?

This question is particularly important because it can provide information about ideal locations for your digital signage displays. For example, if a majority of employees check digital signage when they arrive at work, lobby digital signage and break room digital signage (getting coffee to start the day) may be the best locations.

On the other hand, if the survey finds that many employees are not engaging with the internal communications digital signage, then the locations of the signage should be re-evaluated.

3) How long do you engage with the display?

The answers to this survey question may help you evaluate how engaging your digital signage content is. If you are only displaying company safety information, perhaps this explains the very brief engagement period. And if the survey reveals long engagement periods, this may be that your company is providing informative and entertaining digital signage.

4) Evaluate the following statements.

The choice of answers in this question can provide a range of information for ensuring that your company’s digital signage is effective for your company’s internal communications goals.

5) What are the most exciting and helpful features on the display?

The answers to this question can provide a good “picture” of what your employees prefer seeing on the digital signage displays. And comments written in the “other” field may point out new opportunities for effective digital signage in your company.

6) Overall, how effectively do the digital displays communicate information?

Obviously companies would like “very effective” replies. Yet if that isn’t the majority of the replies, it may be time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the content that your company is sharing on your digital signage displays.

7) Please share any additional comments or thoughts on the digital displays.

This question could be a good source of feedback to enable your company to improve the effectiveness of your internal communications digital signage.

8) Can we follow up with you to get more feedback?

It’s always good to be able to followup, especially where the original answers are not clear and more discussion can clarify the information.

That’s it — a short survey to gauge your company’s internal communications digital signage effectiveness!

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