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Digital Menu Board App Now Available in the Enplug App Market

Digital Menu Board App Now Available in the Enplug App Market

Enplug has teamed up with DSMenu to make it easier than ever to create and display digital menu boards in your business, and the app is now available in the Enplug App Market.

With the DSMenu app for Enplug, you can create engaging menu boards using DSMenu’s design dashboard, and play them on any Enplug display. Changes and edits made within your design dashboard can be easily updated so that your display has the latest and greatest version of your menu.

digital menu boardDSMenu example template

Within the DSMenu dashboard, you can either create a menu from scratch, or choose from a growing selection of 100+ menu design templates to get you started. Menu boards can be both created and displayed in portrait (below) or landscape orientation.

digital menus in portrait orientationMenu designs available in portrait orientation

The DSMenu dashboard offers a variety of tools for you to create and edit your menu templates, including:

  • Searchable content libraries packed with free photos and icons
  • Graphics import for uploading images (e.g. restaurant logo)
  • Editable fields for including text
  • Menu listing columns to easily add new items and prices

digital menu designDSMenu dashboard for creating a menu

With all of the easy-to-use features DSMenu has to offer, it’s never been easier to create a stunning menu design for your restaurant. And with prices and promotions constantly changing, being able to instantly update your menu is a must.

To enable the DSMenu app onto your Enplug display, visit the Enplug App Market.

To learn more about using Enplug in your business, request a demo.


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