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Digital Directory App Now Available in the Enplug App Market

Digital Directory App Now Available in the Enplug App Market

Enplug is excited to announce the release of the Directory app—the latest addition to our ever-growing App Market.

With the Directory app, any building manager or company can easily design and manage a digital directory to help visitors navigate their way through the building. A customizable design and easy-to-update fields make changing your digital directory a quick and simple process.

digital directory

Now, updating your building directory’s listings is as easy as opening the Enplug Control dashboard, entering new fields or editing existing ones and hitting “save.” No more time-consuming Photoshop edits.

digital directory

Enplug’s Directory app also makes it easy to update the color scheme and design. For a quick and easy design, simply navigate to the ‘Style’ tab and click on the ‘Text or Background Color’ menus to select your desired colors. For a more custom or brand-specific design, you can also upload your own logo and image for the Header and Background styles. Whether you upload your own images or stick with a basic color-scheme, your digital directory will look beautiful and get visitors where they need to go.

digital directory

With Enplug software, you can design a digital directory in portrait or landscape orientation.

Need to make frequent changes? Or want to go back to a previous version? Enplug makes it worry-free by allowing you to revert back to previous iterations through saved backups. By navigating to the Backup tab and clicking “Create Backup,” the app will automatically save a copy of the current version of your directory.

Enplug’s Directory app will be a time-saver for commercial or office building property owners with multiple tenants. Rather than waiting several weeks for expensive printing costs with traditional signage or having to update and re-upload an image created in Photoshop, users will be able to login, make changes within minutes and get on with their day.

Still have questions about building directory signs? We wrote comprehensive six-part guide to choosing software and displays, installing and designing a directory and more. Read the Digital Directory How-To here!

Current customers can access the Directory app for Enplug by logging into their account and selecting the “Directory” tab.

To explore the benefits of using Enplug to grow your business, visit enplug.com. And be sure to check out our new features with the Waitlist app!


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