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Digital Content Evolution: Here’s How Enplug Is Future-Facing

Digital Content Evolution: Here’s How Enplug Is Future-Facing

When businesses first started using TV screens for internal and external communications, these businesses were focused on showing certain types of content on those screens. What these businesses may not have considered — and why Enplug entered the market — was future needs: preparing for digital content evolution. Enplug’s evolving platform ensures that digital signage content changes along with the needs of users.

Enplug’s digital software is in contrast to companies that need their IT people trained on the initial digital signage system and then have to undertake a continuous cost of re-training, buying the updated software, and downloading and maintaining the updated software and hardware across the system in order to stay current with digital content evolution.

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Enplug’s cloud-based system is easily adaptable:

In the future, businesses may need to upgrade their TV screens to 4k resolutions, 3D formats, or external sensors (e.g. cameras, microphones, iBeacon) to optimize their communications. The Enplug system will not become obsolete because it is “future proofed” — built to incorporate whatever currently unknown digital opportunities come along. With a simple hardware upgrade, users can continue to manage all their displays using their Enplug systems.

Content on Enplug is provided via the App Market, an app system similar to smartphone apps. The content can be “set and left” — or content configurations changed with a few keystrokes. Wifi-enabled TV screens streaming the content can be in landscape or portrait format.

With Enplug, anyone anywhere in the world can use one dashboard to manage digital content across multiple screens and multiple locations. At the same time, the number of users on one Enplug system is unlimited. Imagine an enterprise company’s communications director sending consistent messaging across 500 locations worldwide. At the same time, a person at each company office can add local information to that office’s Enplug displays.

And there is no need to worry about content storage limits with the Enplug system — there are no limits! In our example above, each office of an enterprise company can store as much content as required with no additional charges.

Enplug’s open app market is evolving:

With Enplug’s open platform, the best companies in the world can write apps for the Enplug App Market using Enplug’s SDK (software development kit). This is particularly important as new opportunities appear on the digital marketing scene. And with Enplug’s dynamic app playlist, you can instantly change your digital content displays.

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Enplug’s platform is built for security — now and in the future:

Enplug’s cloud system is built using Amazon’s AWS cloud for top-level security. This infrastructure allows us to rapidly expand our storage and processing power as our customers’ needs grow. Our development team includes CTO Tina Denuit-Wojcik and Chief Software Architect Bruno Denuit-Wojcik, both of whom were key members of the Microsoft Azure development team.

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Enplug digital signage software was co-founded by CEO Nanxi Liu and CTO Tina Denuit-Wojcik in 2012 to enable organizations to use customized real-time streaming content to create engaging external and internal communications.

About Enplug Digital Signage Software

Enplug digital signage makes it simple for businesses to create and share compelling visual content for their marketing and employee communications. Our software powers content on thousands of TVs worldwide with news feeds, social media walls, sports scores, employee leaderboards, graphics, and videos. Enplug was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, California.