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Celebrate Black History Month with Free Digital Signage Templates

Celebrate Black History Month with Free Digital Signage Templates

Ever since the very first Black History Month celebration in 1976, February has been a month to spotlight the role of African Americans throughout history, honoring their culture and achievements. 

Why celebrate Black History Month in the workplace?

Diversity, inclusion, and respect belong in the workplace all year round. But Black History Month gives you the chance to celebrate the achievements of African-Americans in your company and beyond while starting conversations that promote a supportive and inclusive environment. 

Whether you have a Black History Month program in place or are looking to start celebrating in your office, we’ve created free Black History Month templates to commemorate this historical and culturally significant month. 

Free Black History Month Templates to Download

If you want to join us in celebrating Black History Month, our free templates are professionally designed for anyone to download. Download both landscape and portrait versions below.

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