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Quick Tip: Add Images to Your Displays in 30 Seconds

Quick Tip: Add Images to Your Displays in 30 Seconds

If you’d like to add images to your displays using the Enplug Graphics App, our new DisplayOS Dashboard update added an insanely fast way to do so if the images are available online. In under 30 seconds, you can show images from Wikipedia, Google Images, and Flickr on your Enplug displays.

Add Images to your Displays

From the Graphics App, select the Upload button in the upper right. Then, select “Web (URL)” from the upload options. Search for the term you want and select your graphics!

Note that the search will return graphics with various aspect ratios; you’ll want to choose graphics that match your screen dimensions. Landscape screens are 1920×1080 pixels, while portrait screens are 1080×1920 pixels.


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